New Lottery System for Singapore Lottery

Lottery Singapore

In 1966, the government of Singapore made a four-digit lottery legal. This underground lottery began as a schoolboy’s raffle. Eventually, the lottery was regulated and operated as a legal sport. The Straits Times (p. 8 – 26) and Singapore Monitor (p. 16) covered the story. The new lottery system will be named Aurora and will focus on innovation and profitability. The system will also have increased reliability to support the high volume of transactions.

While prize money for the Singapore Lottery has risen to more than $16 million, no one has claimed any of it yet. On Monday, $4,024,761 in prize money was not claimed by anyone, leaving punters in queues for hours. In anticipation of the high volume of ticket purchases, the lottery office extended its hours of operation to eight pm on Friday. Players must select six numbers between one and 49 to win the lottery. Whether three of the six numbers are in the winning group guarantees a cash prize.

The lottery system is based on Aurora Navigator, Data Connector, and Aurora Anywhere, and will allow for the management of lottery applications and back-office functions. Both products provide a platform for data integration, providing a single management environment for the system. Additionally, the company will provide ongoing maintenance, operator training, and marketing support for the lottery. If you want to learn more about the latest lottery system, download the free trial version.